Aspire has been in service to the environmental, health, and human resources arena. So it was natural to extend that creativity in a new direction, capturing peoples’ stories, seeking inspiration, creativity and technical expertise in video.

I have been exploring the documentary in community for 4 years, including two years studying media studies at Massey University, within a Post-Graduate Diploma.  I love the design, narrative and technical challenges of the lighting, audio and visual medium. I appreciate the collaborative process of working alongside colleagues in the professional field.

My studio work for Post-grad was a research documentary study in “Co-Housing- recreating NeighbOURhoods”. I am now in post-production for the larger documentary concept, 30 mins, due for release in 2013. An interview with Dr Bill Metcalfe informs this larger theme, see interview at:

Barbara Gibb – ASPIRE DESIGN
creating vision in Graphic Design for post-production
+ Video production for small collaborative ventures