Type design for “Once Were Whalers” 2017 + Whaling Trilogy 2013, set in the Marlborough Sounds. Font design, website header & promotional 3-fold Business Card.

Director: Paul Davidson, Short Update 2013, 20 mins (Feature length 2017)

Concept and Client: Bytesize Productions, Marlborough, NZ.


Paul Davidson has been filming and interviewing the old whalers, volunteers and DOC staff for several years as they go about their whale survey work. He is nearing completion of an extended version of his documentary “Once Were Whalers”, which will be released 2017.
The Department of Conservation is in the tenth year survey of humpback whales, which pass through Cook Strait in June and July on their annual migration from Antarctica to warmer Pacific waters. This year plenty of whales were sighted in the first few days of the survey, and the DOC crew got good ID photographs and blubber samples from most of them.

Masthead Image courtesy 1950’s archive film footage, filmed by Owen Webb.

Whaling Station Image courtesy local historian Heather Heberley & Heberley Family,  Okukari Bay, Tory Channel, New Zealand.