Legendary Broadcaster and our presenter Keith Quinn, Directors – Barbara Gibb and Paul Davidson with Tye Lishman for the ASA 80th Anniversary Documentary Premiere, 15 October 2019 (video available through the ASA office).

Paul Davidson reviews interviews with Auckland softballers, Jen Feret-Brear and Kingsley Avery for the ASA 80th Anniversary Documentary 10. 2019 (available through the ASA office).

“PLAY BALL!” 2019. 75 minutes.
Auckland Softball Association documentary celebrates 80 years. Research, interviews, graphic design, marketing, archive management, Digitising VHS and personal Photo albums /memorabilia.

The Auckland Softball Association celebrates 80 years of softball excellence. Many captains and coaches of the national teams – the Black Sox men and White Sox women – have been Auckland players, and the famous names of the past are repeated in the children and grandchildren of the pioneers.

The Auckland Softball Association. Written and Co-Directed by Paul Davidson, with Barbara Gibb, + Research and Design.

“PLAY BALL!” 2019. 75 minutes. Available through the Auckland Softball Association office: www.softballauckland.org.nz/

Creative direction in collaboration with Paul Davidson of Bytesize Productions  www.bytesize.co.nz


Extensive archival images and Trevor Rowse footage from ASA, Softball NZ, Archive New Zealand, Auckland City Library, and from extensive personal archival collections. Tye Lishman loaned us photos and Memorabilia from his father, Peter Lishman’s collection – thanks Tye! Sharon Murphy and Rhys Duncan made available footage of interviews they initiated and material from the Cameron Duncan collection – thank-you! Research, oral histories, digital and data wrangling was a large part of Aspire Design’s contribution in this project. 

“As a lifelong softballer and sports journalist currently researching the history of New Zealand softball, I had some contact with the BytesizeAspire team in terms of assisting with some historical information during the production of “Batter Up!“ for the Hutt Valley Softball Association. I was very impressed with their professionalism and enthusiasm for the project and the final product was outstanding.  The new Auckland Softball Association documentary will serve as an invaluable resource for future generations of New Zealand softballers. I would unreservedly recommend Bytesize Productions to any New Zealand sporting organisation seeking a first-class documentary record.”
Tony Smith, Christchurch

ASA 80th Anniversary Documentary video available through the ASA office www.softballauckland.org.nz/

The Enoka whanau, Auckland United Softball Club stalwarts, relaxed during filming for the Auckland Softball Association 80th Anniversary Documentary.