• Brooklyn Community Orchard

                      Project: Video Concept, Direction, Production, Music & Graphics for “Brooklyn Community Orchard” Community Documentary (premiere November 2013), set in Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand. 6 mins.  An introduction to Community Orchards and their development/maintenance. Concept: Aspire Design, NZ. 2009-2013 Design and header for video, website & promotional PostCard. Sunflower Image courtesy garden archive, all other images from video/post production. To find out more, visit: http://www.aspiredesign.co.nz/brooklyncommunityorchard/ http://www.facebook.com/BrooklynFoodGroupNZ

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  • Authentic Harmony LOGO

    Authentic Harmony LOGO

    Project: 2013 Design new Logo for Sally Forman of Authentic Harmony Design Collaboration with client and Aspiredesign + Print Business Card & Website/CD Cover design consultation Client:  http://www.authenticharmony.co.nz/ ” Our work together has been an interesting and enriching process. We felt into our intuition, created from our respective knowledge and allowed images to emerge and synthesise that reflected our conversation about my business.” Circles, spirals, movement, depth, colour, light… are all in alignment with Authentic Harmony – a business which […]

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  • Co-Housing DVD Cover

    Co-Housing DVD Cover

      DVD Cover Design for video production: “Co-Housing – re-creating neighbOURhoods” a documentary concept in production, 2014. First edited interview: Dr Bill Metcalf.

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  • Co-Housing Documentary

    Co-Housing – ‘recreating neighbOURhood’ Co-Housing Bill Metcalf Interview Interview #1 (20 minutes): Dr Bill Metcalf, author & academic researcher on Intentional Communities, speaks about: How do we ‘live’ consensus decision-making in community today? What are the challenges for intentional collaborative ideals? Interviewed at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia 29th October 2011. Director and Producer: Barbara Gibb   Audience: general public interest, specific interest groups/individuals, Intentional Community and Co-Housing networks, Youtube, Vimeo Themes: Co-Housing (intentional communities) in New Zealand – a brief overview, Stages of group development. Growing skills for […]

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  • Logo Massage

    Logo Massage

        Logo concept for masseuse/mind-body practitioner:  webmast, business card, letterhead and signage design, 2011. Client testimonial: “Barbara has a most finely balanced eye. Her work is elegant, beautiful, spacious and thoughtful. She has that rare and sensitive talent of actually listening to her clients and consequently we feel truly expressed by her work.”

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  • Holistic Pulsing Video

    Concept, design graphics, direction, sound design and production. Public Information Video for the NZ Holistic Pulsing Guild, Inc. 2012, introducing the process and breadth of the modality for relaxation and integrated mind-body work.   Holistic Pulsing was developed in New Zealand by Tovi Browning in the 1980’s. Authentic sessions and interviews with New Zealand practitioners (pulsers) and clients (pulsees). Visit: www.holisticpulsing.org.nz for more information. www.facebook.com/pages/New-Zealand-Holistic-Pulsing

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Recent Designs

  • Marlborough Garden Festival 2014

    Marlborough Garden Festival 2014

    Documentary team Paul Davidson and Barbara Gibb followed Garden Tours, Workshops and the Fete, at the recent NELMAC “Taste the Good Life” event, 6-9 November. The early summer excitement was palpable, as the Marlborough sun bequested fine hot days throughout the festival. A promotional video will be produced, with a focus on all the unsung community volunteers – a huge contribution to the excellent organisation and planning for the event.

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  • Provincial COOL

    Provincial COOL

        PROJECT: Logo and Website Design, Video and Photography for Provincial Coldstores, Marlborough, 2014, based in Blenheim.    www.provincialcoldstore.co.nz “The Coolest Place in Town” Promotional Video – 1.5 mins  (pending 2014) Creative direction in collaboration with videographer Paul Davidson  www.bytesize.co.nz  for the photography and video. Paul is a Marlborough based producer, with over 30 years expertise in capturing the stories of special people and places. “We sought to highlight the staff and management at Provincial Coldstores in a documentary story […]

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  • Project Wairarapa Logo

    Project Wairarapa Logo

                    Community Client: Project Wairarapa, 2014 “Our purpose is to undertake and facilitate projects and combine and network with other groups in the Wairarapa region to foster a strong sense of community and develop a sustainable and resilient region.” We use Permaculture principles to design and collaborate with Local Council, volunteers and the land. Visit Project Wairarapa to find out about Permaculture workshops and community local projects: www.projectwairarapa.org.nz  

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  • Marlborough Wine&Food ’30’ Festival

    Marlborough Wine&Food ’30’ Festival

    PROJECT: “Festival 30 Pioneers”  Video – 4 mins & Folded Business Card/Logo  (25 minute Documentary pending 2014) CLIENT: Bytesize Productions, Sound assist, Graphic Design, Art Direction & Interviewer To celebrate 30 years of Marlborough Wine & Food Festival and honour the traditions it has established, Wine Marlborough commissioned a series of promotional / historical video clips. The 4 minute brief video captured thoughts and stories of the early days from each of the various “pioneers”, incorporating supporting images and early footage. […]

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    Project: Titles, graphics and archive research for “PAST FORWARD” – The fascinating heritage of Griffith Film School. 2011 -2012   Duration 20 minutes Concept / Producer / Director Paul Davidson    Writer / Presenter / Historian  Bill Metcalf Client: Griffith Film School, College of Creative Arts, Southbank, Brisbane. The Griffith Film School, a bookend of the South Bank cultural precinct, is today positioned at the leading edge of creative endeavour – a position solidly founded in the spirit and heritage of its […]

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  • Blenheim Lions 50th Logo

    Blenheim Lions 50th Logo

                  Logo for Lions Blenheim 50th Celebrations 6th April 2013, Barry Maister – Keynote speaker. Olympic Gold Medalist, IOC delgate.       Lions 50th logo adapted for Letterhead, Booklet, Marketing, Audio-visual Title. Designed pro bono as a community service.

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  • Lifetime Learning

    Lifetime Learning

                  Logo concept for Patricia and Richard Greenhough of ‘Lifetime Learning’ – trainers/ practitioners:  original design, 2008, updated 2012, with a move from red-zone Christchurch to Wakefield, Nelson.  Designed for client use in letterhead,  invoices in excel, in brochures of different sizes, compliment slips, and website Client testimonial: “We liked it at first sight, and have sat with it, and like it even more.  The softer, more open look is lovely with no real finish […]

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